Orgain Shake is a Great Diet Shake That's Low in Sugar

When you watch or hear yet another advertisement about a diet shake what comes to mind? Do you feel like it is a product worth trying, or do you think it has nothing good to offer, and that it is just full of marketing propaganda? However you look at it, the diet shake, according to me, is here to stay, and you can choose to think of it as not for you, or you can join in on the bandwagon of people thankful for its life-changing abilities. 


So, what influences a successful diet shake purchase? 


What to consider when getting a diet shake 


Maybe you are shopping around for a different experience or maybe it is your first time. Whatever the case might be, when it comes to a diet shake there are a number of factors that should play a role in your decision. 

Besides company reputation and reviews or testimonials from friends, family, and acquaintances, the following aspects must be carefully considered: 


1. Your intention/goals for taking the replacement… Is it to help you lose weight? Build muscle? Supplement a healthy eating plan? Or is it all of the above? 


2. What ingredients are in the diet shake, and is it protein-based or ready-to-drink? 


3. Your budget… Despite your desires and intentions, you can only go as far as you can reach pocket-wise, and it is never a good idea to take yourself into debt just to fund a lifestyle choice. 


The above will help reduce the options available in the diet shake market so you can settle on what is important to you. 


What makes Orgain Shakes unique?


There is so much chatter revolving around organic foods, and there are people willing to pay more for these types of foods because they believe they are better than the non-organic types. A large fact that has contributed greatly to this effect is the need for fast money from farmers who want their products whether farm or animal to grow as fast as possible for the least duration of time. Another aspect contributing to a decrease in organic foods is the growing need for pesticides and fertilizers due to an increase of weak, overused soils and diseases. 


Organic food, on the other hand, is food that has been grown in the most natural of ways without chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics or hormones which enhance the growth of food or make it disease resistant. Unfortunately, most of these chemicals eventually enter our bodies as residue left in the food, which puts us at risk of a variety of illnesses.  

Orgain is aware of this, and that is why their diet shake is made from purely organic ingredients so you can sip away nothing but health. 


The various Orgain products available include: 

· Ready to drink nutritional shakes which include kids organic nutritional shakes, grass-fed protein nutritional shakes and vegan nutritional shakes among many others. 


· Protein and nutritional powders such as Orgain Meal Powder, Orgain Organic Superfoods Powder, Orgain Slim Powder and Organic Protein Powder. 


· Orgain plant-based protein bars 


However, we will focus more on the Orgain protein powder seeing that it is low in sugar content, in the interest of anyone interested in taking a diet shake low in sugar for health or preference reasons. An important point to note, however, is that it is paramount to first consult your doctor before embarking on any shake diet so that they can advise you accordingly. 


Ingredients that make up the Orgain Protein powder 


· 21 grams of protein powder 


· 8 grams of fiber 


· 9 vitamins & minerals such as Folate, Thiamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and others 


· Superfood ingredients like quinoa, organic amaranth, wheat grass, sunflower seeds, tomato, beets, kale and more 


· 1 gram sugar content 



Benefits associated with taking low sugar 


· Improved sleeping duration and habits 


· Reduced risks of diabetes, liver disease, and heart conditions 


· Increased energy levels 


· Realization of weight loss goals 


· Improved memory 


· Reduction of anxiety levels 


· An increase in appetite for actual food 


· Fewer or zero toothaches 




You will be doing yourself more harm than good when you choose to insist on gratifying your taste buds instead of your health. As you get older, your body is not as fast to eliminate sugar from your system; it is at this juncture of your life that you will regret not being deliberate about caring for your body.  


Be wise, and make the proper investment right now by consuming less sugar especially in your favorite diet shake.  

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